Landing in Africa!

There are several means of transportation to arrive in this island paradise. The best choices to travel to Ibo are: Pemba, the closest town to the island, or Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. There are several international airline companies flying to the island.

Once you land in Africa, there are various ways to reach Ibo:

Renting a 4×4 from Pemba to Tandanhangue port is one of the best ways to arrive in the island. The journey from Pemba to the Tandanhangue port can take more than three hours. From this port depart all boats and “dhows” to Ibo. The boat journey takes approximately 45 minutes. Guests can make the appropriate reservations from Kashazini or Mwani House.

You can also fly to Ibo from Pemba. The journey takes 25 minutes. In that case, guests should contact the airlines providing such flights:

Either by air, land or sea Mwani House can also organize those services. In addition there are other agencies organizing the same services.
These agencies are:


In this case, the best option is to fly to Pemba airport. There are daily flights taking two and a half hours. Once you have arrived in Pemba you transfer to Tandanhangue port where boats and dhows will take you directly to Ibo. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes.