Signature cuisine is our motto. In our restaurant Comfusão we play with food products direct from nature. Savor modern contemporary cuisine from our chef while she fuses the local ingredients to bring you a new experience in every dish.
Let yourself indulge!


Our dishes are elaborated with fresh local products. We like to play and surprise our guests’ palates by bringing them new flavors. We use the basic knowledge of Mozambican cuisine and transform it, customize it and make it more personal to satisfy our guests’ tastes. You can also delight your palate by savoring the mango juiciness or the bitterness of the moringa as some of the sensations you will discover.

Salty Comfusão

Green mango salad with peanuts in lime vinaigrette
Masaka pudding
Seafood croquettes from the Quirimbas
“Camarao” consommé with tropical flavors
Crab omelet with “moringa”
Lobster with green curry and bitter salad
Fish of the day, “dashi” and “siri-siri”
Black rice with “lulas”
Ibo chicken with “piri-piri” and sweet potato
Kid meat “carre” with pickled vegetables

Sweet Comfusão

“Mancanicas” cooked in wine with crumble and homemade fresh cheese
Coco and mango rice pudding
“Babas” of Ibo coffee and “moringa” seeds
Chocolate, banana and “caju” Brownie


Ana Erre is the type of person you will want to hold hands with. When she cooks, she elaborates the kind of food that revives your senses. She believes that most of her attributes as a cook are a consequence of her Galician origins and she is probably right. In Galicia (Northwest Spain) cooking and eating is a daily feast.

Its land and see produce some of the worlds’ best raw products. Ana’s cooking is more than a consequence of her origins it is also the sum of her 15 years education, experience and academic teaching in the field.

She has worked as cook, hospitality business counselor and has started a pioneer project to establish gastronomy at the university level.

Ana’s s excitement for cooking translates in little gestures like imagining a new dish or drafting a new menu, she is very passionate about her work. When she cooks, she is respectful with the local products by following the laws of her native land and kind to the local traditions.