A luxury day in Mwani House

A luxury day in Mwani House

Very often we define luxury as “the best money can buy”. We can’t fault that definition to be incorrect if we speak of material things but what happens when we further examine that concept? Luxury is in direct contact with a person’s necessities and precisely any excess of those necessities becomes luxury.

At Mwani House we understand luxury in a different way. We focus on our guests’ motivations and capture their necessities offering them an array of experiences to exceed all their expectations.
The services we offer are pure luxury but the way we understand it. To awaken your senses and offer our guests the best experiences we had to go back to the most elemental values. Our values are nature, purity and respect for people and places. We are consciously fortunate to wake up in Ibo every morning and would like to share that pleasure with you.

Imagine a day in Ibo!

 An exclusive awakening

Waking up in Ibo is no ordinary awakening. With the first ray of light guests open their eyes to a spectacular sunrise and a crystalline horizon.

Next we pamper them with a luxurious breakfast menu consisting of local fruits like pineapple, bananas, mango, papaya and our famous homemade marmalade of “baobap”. Finally, the famous Ibo coffee and a selection of breads and muffins, without a doubt, will open all your senses.

An invigorating morning

Mwani House has an extensive menu of activities. We offer our guests a wide variety of experiences design exclusively for them. They will escape from ordinary life and routine. Guests will find in these experiences a way to interact with Ibo’s destiny, blend with nature, walk through mangroves or observe undiscovered landscapes.

A lovely midday

At Mwani House we take care of our vegetable garden daily to offer our guests the traditional Mozambican dishes. Our kitchen relies on the fresh produce offered by this land and its see. We benefit from all the resources at hand to bring our guests the best fusion from the richness of the Mozambican cuisine. The island’s local gastronomy is a fusion of flavors, an homage and reinterpretation of Mozambican cuisine reflecting the country’s geography and history.  Mozambique is a window to the Indian Ocean as well as the countries and the culture that surround it. It’s a mixture of the flavors from Africa with traces of the Portuguese colonial years and the flavors from Arabia, India or China making it an authentic intercultural cuisine that celebrates the diversity of its influences. Mozambican cuisine’s basis rests on four pillars: rice, seafood, vegetables and spices.

Celebrating extraordinary fusions at Mwani House, chef Ana Erre delivers gastronomic passion and knowledge of his native country’s culinary tradition to our restaurant Comfusão creating an explosion of flavors to satisfy all our guests’ palates.

Afternoon conversations

In Ibo there is time for everything, even for relaxing conversations. We like to know all our guests and let them experience our land and culture. Our staff is there to accompany guests all along their journey.

Also enjoy the handcrafted souvenirs with its unique or personalized designs. Stroll along the unpaved streets of Ibo and discover the local arts and crafts, talk to the local artists living in the island. Undoubtedly they have lots of stories to tell our guests.

Enjoy a relaxing evening

In our island there is also time to relax. Mwani House has a wonderful spa and a swimming pool where guests can relax in the lounge chairs or sit in the terrace and enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets in the world. In Ibo the sun shines in a different way.

Warming nights

One good way to finish your day is having a wonderful and intimate dinner at our new restaurant. In Comfusão you can also taste one of the widest selection of South African wines and in a warm night you can also cheer with some of the best cocktails this island has to offer.

Finally, we end where we started, reflecting on luxury. For us, luxury is moments in time and in this place we will like to fill them with the things that passionate us. In our next musing we will examine TIME, the basic element of true luxury. With this first entry awakens our blog, where more stories and adventures from this island paradise will follow.

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